How can I request to approve all permissions of the application?

I want to ask the user to approve all permissions of the application the first time the application opens, so I did this: blocks(10)
The problem is that instead of asking the user to approve all permissions (one after the other), the user is asked to approve only one authorization instead of all the permissions in the list.
How can I ask the user for permission to list permissions?

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See here:


:smiley:Thanks for the advice,
but I want to do something like this:

that’s unfortunately not available, the already mentioned challenge 46 is the best you can get currently

I know this method, but it might be possible to create an extension for it.
(Maybe this will help you: How to ask and accept all permissions in only one confirm alert dialog in Android 6.0 - Stack Overflow )

I hope it will help you - My solution with granting all permissions in your project (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, CAMERA, RECORD_AUDIO)