How can I run soundtrack through out my app

Hello Guys I hope Everything is okay with you …I just wanted to ask how can I play soundtrack online that hosted on dropbox through out my 8 Screens app please help

you can use background task extension made by one and only and the best @Xoma
here is the link to the post

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Explain that in more detail.
Should the sound play when the app is started and then continue to play on all 8 screens while the app is being used?

Yeah Just when the app is being used

Start the sound on Screen1.Initialize (using the Player component, loop). If you switch to Screen2 don’t close Screen1, but open another screen (Screen2). If you open another screen (e.g. Screen3) from Screen2, close Screen2. If you want to switch back to Screen1 from another Screen (2-8) just close this screen.

This way the sound should play until Screen1 is closed (or the app is closed).

can you send me blocks please :relieved:

sound.aia (472.5 KB)

sound.apk (5.7 MB)




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