How can I send an image image to the back of the array?

Is there a solution how to send image1 behind editing?


:slight_smile: . A great solution.

Read :point_down:

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for what? Perhaps you should first ask a reasonable and clear question.


Only what is written in my mother tongue and dialect may be inaccurate or incomprehensible. That’s the only problem. I think there is nothing to learn to ask questions! After all, I am writing with translation.

yes, because still your topic and content is not clear to one and all.

Used Any Vertical and horizontal Arrangement and Use inside the image
Then use one more arrangement on image arrangement
Now you can use some logic if you want to send image backward then set Down one Arrangement image to which you want and vice versa

I have just hope it will work

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First of all, thank you for understanding what I mean and helping me. Also, I’m glad that what I wrote was understandable. The solution you mentioned came to life in my head. I tried it and it was helpful. I solved my problem. I am grateful.

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As I said, the question (if it was one at all) is completely unclear and so is the answer (at least for me, and I’m pretty sure, for most of the others too).
I will unlist this (absurd) topic, as it most likely won’t help anyone, but rather confuses, at least until it is clarified what this is really about.

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