How can i set blocks in Airtable spreadsheet?

i used spreadsheet blocks for after got all data in spreadsheet blocks work like a charm .

but in Airtable blocks when i use after all data my both label mix but not mix in spreadsheet anyone help me

and in my app i used 36 label so each label have own content when i use in Airtable so my label content mix .
thanks here my blocks
this is spreadsheet blocks

this is Airtable blocks

i got solution also but then i must add separate add spreadsheet component 36 spreadsheet component like this !

if u have any solution plz tell me thanks again

use the block for each item in list , look for them in google how to work with them i load 150 items from an colm and combine them with other 150 itels and show thewm in label, item 1 list 1 with item 1 list 2 merge tgother too 1 item. you can do a lot with them you need only for each column a seperate spreadsheet component

i tried plz look at this blocks is right image

It’s wrong,
ResponseContebt returns full data as json of your airtable sheet.
Currently spreadsheet like blocks are not available for airtable, I will look into it, to change blocks as spreadsheet.

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