How can ı share ın windows folder to android app local network

Hi everybody ı need to your help my problem; ı have mdb access file on windows ı want this file on local lan network to android app is this possible

now ı tryıng between two pc working same lan network

how can ı pc to android on lan network share file or folder

probably this extension can help?
SMB Manager Extension by Jörg Hüneburg
to list all files and folders of smb share (windows shared folder) and to copy a local file to smb share


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Hi everyone, does anyone know how to replicate this extension, updating it to the new smb versions?

SMB Manager Extension by Jörg Hüneburg

This is an extension to send files from android device to windows shared folder, but in recent months it is not working because windows 10 disables SMB v1 protocol. I would need this extension but it supports SMB v2 and SMB v3 protocols.
If you change the settings in windows 10, enabling the SMB v1 protocol might work, but it is difficult for end users to manage.
Greetings to all