How can I solve it? Select list item: List index too large

How can I solve it???

Welcome to the community. Somewhere in your code you use select list item list index block. The problem is that your list contains 2 items and you are trying to get item at index 3 . Use Do it to debug your blocks
Also since this is your first topic please have a look at

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The problem in your block.

Can you tell me where is the problem in my blocks.??

Let me grab my crystal ball :crystal_ball: With out seeing your blocks how do you expect anyone can help you ?


There is so many blocks in this screen which blocks I send you ??

Try by isolating those blocks

show your blocks (clear picture) - right click in block section> download the blocks as image> upload it here…

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But I need one more help

My Problem is solved TQ for your help

How I add products category wise in this screen

Are you using airtable for category’s??

If so make use of this

Yess I am using airtable