How can I solve my "Search Bar" problem?

That’s an specific question about programming my own App.
I’m not an expert and that’s why I need some advice.
I created a search bar to serch for some buttons as you can see in my Screen1 picture:

I’ve used a Clock to turn my Buttons into visible or false if they contain an specific text… That’s working almost fine… the problem is that there’s some bug that turns some button not invisble some times, as you can see in this next image:

Can you guys tell me what it may be happening? Is it because my blocks are too much?
Look at the blocks I used to make it all happen:

I can send you guys part of my .aia project (if you need) for u to help me identify my mistakes…

Thank you in advance!

Use space component in between the images so when images are visible there is a space between them so they don’t collapse

Disable Show Feedback for your button

Thank you so much, Boban! That really worked.
I’m so happy for that.

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Thank you for trying to help me my friend, but my buttons were already spaced with the space component. I appreciate ur help anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

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