How can i tell my sidemenu to navigate to another Screen?

How can i tell my sidemenu to navigate to another Screen? and is it possible to copy blocks from 1 screen to another

Use On Menu Item Click block…

Yes, possible.

And how further after the Click block i have already but i cant find the correct new block

And How to copy from screen to screen?

Hi @handfulvirtualization welcome to Kodular Community.

Yes you can.Use open another screen block to open/switch screen when ‘menu item is clicked’

Yes it is possible.Right click and after a dialog appears click on copy all blocks to backpack.
And when you want to paste blocks then right click and select paste all blocks from backpack or manually paste a block.

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Look at this pic.

Thanks for the fast reply

Is your problem solved now?
If yes then close this topic and let others find it easy.

How to close this topic? Sorry i’m new

Click on horizontal three dots and after that you have to click on a button like this :white_check_mark:

I dont see the dots?

It is possible, question is should you do it. If your screens/blocks are alike you could also work with arrangements and make them visible and unvisible to simulate different screens.

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