How can I undo the changes in the designer

I have done a mistake now I want to undo the changes in the Designer

This is not possible

It means I have to edit it back manually

Then there is a delete option above all the component which are dragged in the project

I have dragged a block in another area, now I am not be able to drag it in the Correct area. And my Main big block was also moved and everything was just mixed.

If your components mixed up then I think you have invisible components which are inside of that components you want to drag then you will drag your components easily

If Screen is not set to scrollable, temporarily set it to scrollable so that you can move arround easily. Also selecting a bigger mockup phone from designer’s view might help

Thank you so Much for You Both for But, I think There should be an Undo option…

Ok! No Problem Let me set it.