How can I use collintree list with subtitle but without icon

How can I use collintree list with subtitle but without icon

This is what I have tried but that collintree list is adding icon automatically.

and this


Just use one empty text box in the first place of Every list

It’s then adding empty icon still.

It means somewhere you are making mistake

Nope I am not, share aia if you are able to achieve this

Like this ?

Yes how you did?


Can you please share something static you are dynamically generating please share me static example if possible.

Btw this isn’t the subtitle it’s \n line break that’s not what I want. @dora_paz

You can not work otherwise with ColinTree List View if you want no picture. Otherwise use [F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2 and create your design according to your needs

Image taken from [Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView - ClassicExtensions - Community


Busy With my work . Yeah it is possible with collintree @Hmmm
See this video

Not by dynamic component extension, only collintree

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@Still-learning How you did this please share blocks you are really a pro. Thank you so much

Actually I am making settings page so I have to just change subtitle like if user is using dark theme then title will be Theme and subtitle will be dark and 2-3 more options like this in settings.

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Simple, i set the iconwidth to zero that’s all on btn click

This is the block, just tried in mob itself. If not clear let me do someother way


I hope now the image is somewhat readable . If i am wrong pls correct me

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