How can i use notification component to make sound?

There is a notification component but it doesnt make sound when receive how to enable sound also

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i think your android must make the sound when notification is received, its android responsibility

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No, android makes sound… But the notification component has problem


I just tested the Notification Component and i get the notification sound when the notification is shown.

Please show your blocks and provide your device info.

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Are you tested push notification or notification? There are two push and notification

What is the difference btween Notification component and this extension?


It has a couple of different options but it’s very similar.

In my mobile notification component didnt make sound just icon came on with “i” icon.

But all other apps like whatsapp have sound in their notifications.

What android OS does your device have?
I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S8 running android OS v9.0


I have Redmi Note 4 with MIUI 9 with Android version 6.0.1

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The java code to make the notification sound is different below API26 android OS v8.0.

My recommendation to try my extension and if you get the notification sound, then list this as a bug.

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Pls send me ur extension

I provided a link in my first post in this thread.