How Can i Use professional Search bar

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Anyone Teach Me How can I use Professional Search Bar In My apps Like - Deep Host Apk

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You can create your own Custom TitleBar with Horizontal Arrangement and a TextBox

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Can you provide Me Any tutorial related Your Answer Topics.

This post can help you!

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I do not want to be rude but why Koders are trying to copy an app made from Android Studio.
Android Studio and Kodular are not same.
So best is to try something from yourself.

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watch this video–

Sorry to say This reply not matching by my question.
By the way thank’s

I Appreciate Your answer, but We new in this platform and we have own right to asking and learning.
I hope you got it what exactly i want to say.

Best answer Thank’s for providing me as good Solution. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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