How can I view and get unlimited images or files from firebase

How can I view and get unlimited images or files from firebase without adding so many image or other components.Like in wallpaper app we if we added 10 image component then only we can show only 10 images from codebase but I want to do when I upload any new image then in app it’s gone added without adding any new component, like zedje app

Use lenth of list with variable list block

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This is not solution of my problem I want to make a wallpaper app in which when I upload new photo to firebase it it view in app without adding any new components

You can do it with dynamic components !

For the moment, only button, label & textbox are avaible, it would be nice if it were also possible with pictures!

Anyone are not understating my problem I want make wallpaper app

Yes, you want an app with an “infinite” number of image without placing hundreds of image components manually.
The soluce are the Dynamic components, but it doesn’t exist with image.
I don’t see any other way to do that for now


Yes , this my real solution

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Yes It is possible, using firebase you can do it

How can i do this

If you want me I will send you the .aia file. My whatsapp number +919932276057 (it will be paid)

Hello, @Androteq

Maybe You can use "List view image and text " from user interface

get ur data on storage (sd card) then get it using “File”
check below link