How can somebody edit my post?

So, some times ago I just received to notifications that my post has been edited. As you can see in the screenshot.

And they edited the post to

I checked both of the users profile and none of them are TL3 member.
I know @Aditya_Singh personally. And does not know anything about it. Not sure who the other guy is. So what happening ?? Is it a bug or something ? That is allowing anyone to edit any post ?

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@Diego can you please have look…

I just checked your topic, and it’s a Wiki topic, meaning it can be edited by anyone
If you want I can remove this kind of characteristic


Yeah please remove it.

Solved :+1:

Ok thank you.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I was going to create a topic for this…I don’t know why it is showing my name in his notification panel…I’m still confused…Also I tried to download the extension but nothing happened after click on the download link. @Diego Please take a look what is going on.

Because as Discourse says, looks like you are edited the topic. :man_shrugging:


No. I didn’t edit anything. I didn’t even know that you can edit someone’s post if you are TL3. @Souvik_Bera told me about this just now.

I am still confused why it is showing my name in it…I only wanted to download the extension but the link was not clickable.

You didn’t edit the post but maybe someone edited the post by using your account. I suggest you to change your password regularly. Because in topic edit history, I can see a price change with your account too.

If you are sure that you didn’t do this action, then there is something wrong.

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Yes sir I changed my password. Also I enabled 2FA for this account.

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