How can we create auto image slider with dynamic component

I want to create auto image slider with dynamic component.

Use basic concept of image slider…

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Change the category to #discuss as it’s not a guide…
You can use view pager or @colintree slideshow or @colintree scroll handler or @Atom_Developer evoloper image slider Customizable Image Slider Extension with Cache System[PAID]
And please search the community firs before posting…There is many extensions regarding your topic…


I do not understand what you want to say?

Can’t I Create Without Extension?

no,we need extension but tht free extension, and you can create it with full customization

Which extension.

I’m Really Surprised
as i am searching for any topic that uses custom logic to create image slider but not found any

We can create it for free using scroll handler extensio

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Use this instead of dynamic components

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I try using the colin tree slideshow.

would you like to share preview of image slider you want so that it will be easy to help you… as there are lots of way to create it without any limitation

as there is many type of slider too

even we cache image by using @DevYB image loader extension


using this tutorial you can make it for free

Really? :sweat_smile: i’ve shared my Method already.

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But he make guide not only represent

i already gave the aia, and you can understand so easily already, nothing advance there.

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I like your aia but both are best :slightly_smiling_face: but he uses logic with only scroll handler
@David you are also best broo.

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its okay broo both have different logic and different method…
both of us work must be appreciated