How can we prevent start of another instance when receiving shared files?

So I have an app which imports audio from Whatsapp. And it starts a new instance on every import. I tried to find solution in the internet and it looks like there is one but it requires to edit manifest file which is impossible in Kodular. Do we have another options to do that? thank you in advance!

Which auido you wanted to import?

It is better to give information that, What you are wanted to do?

And it is better to know

I want to import voice note from Whatsapp.
I wanted to import audio from Whatsapp and another apps. But when I import audio it opens another instance of app. That’s undesired behavior. I want to run app in one instance.

I think you are talking about this

Me too need solution for this

Have you tried this extension to see if it doable!

First of all thank you for your help!
As I see, it allows to add some strings to manifest file. I would like to edit some lines (activity settings). I don’t think that it’s possible with that extension.

This can help you:

It shows how to make a screen single task.