How can we stop advertising from appearing for a while in exchange for award-winning ad viewing?

Hello , I’m making an mp3 player application and I want to set a button which you can click and get rid of advertisements for 5 munite. I tried something but it’s working when you stay on this screen , when you go another screen and turn back (even if in 1 second) it starts show add again. And ı want to make it for all screens (when you click the button and watch to rewarded add in screen 1 , you won’t see any banner add or interstitial add for 5 munite even if you are in screen 2 or screen 3). How can I make it? I’m a beginner , I hope someone help me :slight_smile:

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Set timer enable to false after the timer ends. Above the admob block.

With Some Logics and these Blocks you can Achieve that -



~~ OR ~~
EverGreen Solution, Use Only 1 Screen.

Sorry I’m a beginner , which logics should I use for start value?

I sent you a .aia by PM, Please Check it.

I will try it on my app right now , thank you so much.

It’s working but when you return screen 2 to screen 1 add appears again.

You Need To Impliment The Same Logic On Screen1 Initialise.

If You Are Not Able To Impliment It, Just Tell Me I Will Edit The .aia Accordingly.

I would be very glad if you could.

The Changes To Be Made Were Very Minor You Should Have Tried.

Even i Am New To Kodular and This is The First Time i Used These Blocks. So i Think Others Will Definitely Provide You Better Answer.

Edit -
Removed Old .aia

it’s working when you return to screen1 but if you go again to screen 2 ad appears again. One more thing , it shows this error when you open the app and visit the screens.

There is a empty string somewhere.

İs this count empty?

I thing it is because of that block but there is no empty string

The get start value is empty.

how can ı fill it?

I don’t know what is going there, ask @ADDYLIN because he made it. He can explain you properly.

That Empty String Error is When You Directly Jumps To Screen2.
Because Only On Screen1 There is Button To Watch Ad and Disable ADs Temporarily.
And When You Click That Button it Stores Time in Variable.
Then That Variable is Passed To Screen2 on Initialise As Start Value.

So, if You Never Pressed On Screen1 Button, No Time Will Be Stored, Hence Empty Variable Giving Error On Screen2.

One More Thing,
That .aia is Just To Make You Aware How To Use Those Blocks And Get The Desired Output.

As i Don’t Have Any Idea Of Your APP, How Are Your Blocks Placed, i Cannot Make a Exact .aia That Will Fullfill Your Requirements.

You Need To Consider Above .aia As Guide And Make Your Way Out.

Else Give Me Your .aia i Will Update it Exactly As You Want.

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Thats Because in That .aia, For Test i Used 20 Seconds Time. And 20 Seconds Pass Quickly. ( Faster Than Your Screen Switching Speed. )
You Copy Pasted The Exact Blocks ( With 20 Seconds Time. )

But You Want 15 Minutes Time.
For That You Need To Change These Numbers -


This is Time in MilliSeconds.
1 Second = 1000 MilliSeconds.
20 Seconds = 20000 MilliSeconds.
15 Minutes = 900000 MilliSeconds.

Try Yourself.
Leave i Fixed That.

New .aia
HelpTest.aia (5.7 KB)