How come webviewer cannot record / capture audio input!?

I tried everything but the webviewer still cannot capture microphone input!? Permissions to record audio are allowed but I still cannot record audio on any of those websites! Any suggestions on how to solve this? Is it a bug that webviewer does not show the grant-permission popup which shows itself in other browsers?

this is possible with android studio not in kodular

We are in kodular :kodular:

Can anyone developer an extension that generate a webviewer with microphone permission? Can i pay sb in the community to do this? Im in a hurry @GobhiVines @David @@

Maybe @Taifun may help you.

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I responded to too many topics at this point and may be silenced but, I’m gonna ask you nicely because this is the only day I’m in a good mood so far, please stop mentioning me in almost every reply that you submit, thank you.

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I have mentioned you because you are one of the extension developer.

There are other people you could have mentioned. I’m not the god of extensions, I created one currently supported one. I don’t plan on ending anytime soon but, next time please mention someone else or no one at all, so that you don’t get this again… it was my final nice warning to you, the next one will be a Private Discussion. It’s not a threat, it’s a warning. I’m not gonna deal with being mentioned everywhere anymore, if you actually need me I’ll try getting there if my notifications aren’t already filled with useless mentions… Sorry people who actually ask for my help but, it’s the truth.


contact @Deep_host for this

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Pmed them but no replies so far :frowning: