How Copy of SD to assets apk

The application downloads some of the images of the application but appears in the gallery. How do I prevent that? Can I transfer these images to the special assets apk

it is not possible…

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May be Taifun File extension can help you.

Read copy, move and delete descriptions

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Yes, upload these images to the assets beforehand, then they will not shown in the gallery (with the compiled app / APK).

No, you have to upload the images to the assets beforehand (aia < approx. 25 MB).

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But my project contains 28 mb (image file size). So I thought about downloading them and then attaching them to apk assets

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See also here:

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Why you are downloading them, just fetch them whenever necessary.

When you download them they will appear in Gallery.

One way to prevent this, Use custom download extension and set images download path to a secret folder when downloading.

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store the downloaded images in a hidden directory… i.e. start the directory name with a dot, for example .myhiddenDirectory



You can show me some blocks please

I think this is what you want…


Thank you very much for everyone help me thank you thank you , Great community %%%%


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