How do I change the version of the app?

No sé dónde se cambia la versión de la app.
He mirado en el diseñador, en las propiedades de la Screen1 y en Project settings, y no la veo.
¿Donde esta?

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I don’t know where to change the version of the app.
I’ve looked in the designer, in the properties of Screen1 and in Project settings, and I don’t see it.
Where is it?

Welcome to community.Official language is English so next time please follow the rules. As for version go to project settings → Publishing

With the Bliss theme, the other options did not look good. Now I see them.
Thank you very much.

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In the project properties, only the general section appears.

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try refresh the screen few times and if it does not work then open then export the aia and then import back ok! it may solve the issue!

Please do not post irrelevant anwsers. Problem was caused by bliss appearance. If bliss is chosen then only general tab is visible in project settings. Works fine with Light and Knight appearance