How Do i create an app which increments value of a variable upon a failed lock screen login attmpt

So, i recently thought of creating an app but now my problem is that i just cant figure out how can i make something with kodular that will increase the variavble value when u login with an incorrect password
if tis is possible then can someone please help!

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Store failed attempts value in tinydb and keep on increasing when there is another failed attempt.

As @Meghraj_Singh mentioned the ideal is to store it in a local database. One of them is TinyDb. There are local banks (located inside the smartphone) and external banks (usually on the web). The local banks will assist you with controls related to a specific user on the smartphone (that’s what you want). And the external database will contain data that will be shared between users of the app.

I understand that storing failed login attemps in the TinyDB is possible but how do i make it increment the value of variable upon failed login attempts? is there a way to do that?

read the failed login attempts from TinyDB
if current login failed, then increment the failed login attempts and save that value in TinyDB


Could You send me the blocks i need to set please :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Honestly, I think you should study a little bit. I’m sure you can do it. :+1: