How do i detect a change in the day

Hello Makeroid team,
I am a creator from India…I have created a pedometer app through makeroid which displays the number of steps taken and the distance travelled…
I want the information displayed on the screen(distance and steps) to become zero when the day gets over and the next day starts…
I dont know how to do that… Can anyone solve my problem

Right know makeroid doesn’t provide a background service so you have just 2 solution

  • using the device date but like that people could cheat by changing device time
  • you could use an online api or database to hold data about the time but like this the app will need internet acces

Use TinyDB to store a tag called “lastReset” with the latest day it was reseted
And when Screen1 Initializes check if the last reset was done not today, and if so make the reset
I can make some example blocks in a few hours

Something like this will work:

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