How do I detect the return in a text_box

Hello good day.
I have a question, I have a Text_Box1 that I want to detect the return that closes the keyboard
and do something. How do i do it ?
I need your help, since it doesn’t detect that it loses focus I don’t know how to do it
Thanks and regards

Could you explain better?

@Taifun 's textbox extension has an Enter Pressed Listener for a textbox that might be helpful. Note that this won’t work on a multiline textbox

Hi thanks,
I did so but it doesn’t do anything

Did you start the listener ?

Hi thanks,
I already did it but I don’t know what to put in ICON, can you help me considering my keyboard?

blocks (2)

Possible values for icon: DONE, GO, NEXT, PREVIOUS, SEARCH, SEND

Image taken from Pura Vida Apps

Hi thanks,
It works very well with the extension

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