How do I generate a whole lot of TinyDBs

Hi All

I’m returning the codes - no problemo (see picture and they are being written into a list - all Good so far

Question is - How to get each CODE into a separate TinyDB or its own variable?

Hope you can help. :slight_smile:

How did you extract code , the same way create another global list with the values

And by using the blocks you can easily use it


what about storing the list CodeElement in only one tag in TinyDB and later read the complete list again?

Hi Taifun

Sure I can assign the List CodeElement to a TinyDB, thats easy but dont understand your suggestion?/


why do you think, you have to create seperate variables for each of the values?
use one variable together with a list and if you need for example the 3rd item from the list, use the select list item block


because I need to list them ALL separately in an email

to list them all use a for each item in list loop

Its the wrong connector type for the email. I thought of that but I cant use it???

pur the for each item in list loop into a procedure result


Taifun, I dont understand

The procedure result block needs a plug, the for each item block doesnt match

Wont this just leave me with the last item

for this purpose there is the do result block available


Pls show your database, hiding the main value, to stop spamming the thread with multiple messages. Already suggestion added. We will show you what you want…

Hi Gowri

the question is really quite simple, It’s just that I don’t have the knowledge.

essentially, I already am returning all the items I need from the database in JSON format and all I need to do is to run through the items in the list

extract the codes as in DC39-1053-3/5 and then list them individually in an email using eFeMail

I already have them in the emal but in a string

I need them listed one below the other

in email

thanks (I’ve already got the email working but it doesn’t list the codes)


Can you share me the demo json code?

sorry, I dont know what you mean.

The codes you see are contained in a list variable.

Web7 response content

the string you see in the email IS Web7 response content

wait, maybe not

its this


Expecting like this???

sorry, Im really dumb. I get what you are showing me but understand what yo mean by all these various displays of data