How do I get geolocation or GPS on the webview?

i have a site that uses exact location, hence when i go to convert my site in kodular to apk, i use webview to load the site more when i go to use location it says the site is not allowed to use gps.
How do I get geolocation or GPS on the webview?
What do I do help me please!

Welcome to the community. In webview’s advanced properties have you enabled Uses Location ?

You already, I’ve tried everything and I can’t

I see you are using bluestacks emulator. Have you tested it in real phone either using companion or with apk ?

yes, I used the cell phone but it gave the same thing

I tested with companion, this is what I get

in yours did it work?

Yes it did as you see, tested with companion, Xiaomi MI A1 android 9. Properties of my webviewer

I will test now


Ready it worked, thanks thanks, will I be able to put it in the playstore? or i have to wait api 30! do you know inform me?

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If you can’t wait for Kodular to release new version see. Also if specific problem is solved mark solution :white_check_mark:


have you ever heard of niotron? there they already have api 30, but when I do this procedure with my site it keeps giving an error.

And MIT App Inventor also is targeting SDK 30 but still facing issues and bugs, see

Acho que vou espera mais um pouco para posta na playstore

Official lanquage in community is English and since the problem is solved for webviewer mark solution in order to help others with same problem. If you wish to ask more regarding Google Play Store you should open a new topic

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