How do I get notifications to a closed app?

Hola, Necesito que mi aplicacion envie y reciba mensajes, y que llegue la notificacion aun cuando las aplicaciones esten cerradas… alguien me puede ayudar?

Hello, I need my application to send and receive messages, and the notification arrives even when the applications are closed … can someone help me?

Hello Johan, welcome to the community!
You can use the “Push Notifications” component that is connected with OneSignal!

You can also watch this video (YouTube) to see in practice.


Yeah, it seems like a great tutorial.
However the YouTuber committed a logical mistake


Hello, thank you very much for answering me … I still think it’s not the solution … or I don’t know.
What I need is that the application that my clients have send me notifications of their orders. Can I do it with OneSignal?