How do I get the parameter values to fill in to a component?

Someone suggested to get the parameters (Property Name, Property Value etc) using a “do it” on a block. I did it but it returns an error. What should I do? I am using @yusufcihan 's extension

Just set their width or height to - 2

That’s not what I am asking. I want to know what the properties list are. Kind of like thie below. But somehow that method doesn’t work for my blocks.

  1. Property name you are passing is wrong. ‘Hello’ is not any property name.

  2. Are you passing component name as id parameter? If yes then it should be component id.

So, for buttons, what should I put for “property name” and “property value”? I want to simulate that block but using buttons created by yusufcihan. Also, how do I get those property names for other components? Is there a list? or some way of finding out?

  1. Name of value
  2. The type of value it accepts
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Thank you, so, how to simulate the yellow block using those property values? Simply, I want to state what will happen when I click button 14000. How do I do that?

Was your problem solved?

Not really, I still don’t know how to fill in the values for “Property Name” and “propertyValue”. I am actually asking for a way of finding out myself. Is that possible? Like the way we can find out the real java name of chatview is KodularChatView by using “do it” on the green parameter block

Is DummyButton variable contains a number or a component block?

If DummyButton variable is a component block, then you need to remove GetComponent block and only put the component’s itself in “component” parameter.

DummyButton is a button created using your extension. The variable is just the “id” I gave it, when I use “call dynamicComponents1.Create” (Your extension). Someone showed me I can use an if statement and “when any Button.clicked” block. That works fine.

But what should I put in the “Property Name” and “Property Value” of your “set property” block?

Here is the example blocks that shows the use of Set Property block. Also we cannot set some properties with Set Property block (developer is already working on this). So I have used the Any Component feature for this.

Hope this solves your confusion… :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


I see. How do I know that I should use the word “Text” or “FontBold” for property Name? And how do I know that “Button1” and “True” as property Value is compatible with the those respectively? Is there a list or a guide for this?

As shown above, this itself is list of properties that can be used with this extension. If you look closely, FontBold, Text are the property name listed there.

Some properties like BackgroundColor, FontSize, etc if used with SetProperty method will give you error. So for these properties you can use Any Component method.

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Unbelieveable, I must have rocks for brains.

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