How do I group chat?

Friends, I want to chat in a group, the community could not find it in detail, can you send me a picture in the comment section in the form of a block.


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You can explain more about what you want to do + (you should try first and then you should ask)

I tried hard but couldn’t. I just want a group chat application. How can I do that?


Show us what you tried.

I tried but I deleted it, I don’t remember

Did you delete your work? But then what do you want? A block ready for you? Do you want a text helping you?


yes, it would be better if you send the blocks in the form of pictures, but you can send them in text form

Hey if you have try firstly then put the effort on second time and second time if any problem you are having then we will help you but please atleast try the second time then show your block that we can help you