How do I know when user clicked on the ad? AdMob

I’m creating a system to know when users click on ads!
In the video ad has the “ad opened” block, in the banner too!
But in the interstital only has the leaft the application (the others also have it)
How do I know they clicked on the interstital?

What is the difference between “ad opened” and “Ad left the application”?

If the user clicks the ad, two blocks can be triggered depending on where he clicked: “Ad Closed” if he dismisses it, or “Ad Left Application” if he clicked on the ad

That “Ad Opened” is only for Banner and RV and “Ad Left the Application” for Interstitial and RV
Ad Opened” in RV is triggered when the video starts to play, and “Ad Left the Application” if the user clicks on the ad to go to the website


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