How do I launch a phone call automatically


I want to create an app when phone falls out it makes a phone call. I have seen other posts but I do not find an answer to my problem.

The problem is the following: when the phone falls out , the phone call activity starter only launches the dial phone picker with the default number I put in activity starter properties but do not launch the call without the intervention of the user. It is waiting for the user to click call-phone icon. Is it possible when the phone call falls launch the phone call without any user action???

These are my blocks.

I believe Not if you want your app on Google Play. Otherwise you could use Phone Call component

Thanks, @dora_paz . In principle, I do not want to upload on Google Play. I was testing Kodular Phone Call, but this component seems to do not work at this moment according to various community posts. Another alternative?

I just tested it, used extension and works perfectly

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In order to work you have to test it as apk not in companion

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okay. I’ll keep it in mind. Thank you.

Also, I will test your blocks and that extension. I did not use the permission block, it can be the fail.

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