How do I make this effect?

i don’t know how to explain but how can i do this;

And I make all card views with this extension


Is this possible for dynamic card view?

Thank you

This may be possible with Repositioning tools extension by @Mohamed_Tamer(see the video in the first post of the extension topic), Dynamic component extension(which you are already using) and some logic.

How can I turn off full clickable While a user is scrolling?


This is not working

I Made This, When I Was New On :kodular:

Give Me Some Time To Find That .aia
And Make Some Chages.


Maybe you cannot use the any component block here.
I don’t have this extension. So I took another block. Imagine if “value” were “component”.

I’m trying to explain

Scrolling turns off when full clickable is turned off

My card opens a different page when clicked, so I need to close it when I card scroll.