How do I open the keyboard in webviev in the application

A chat site that opens seamlessly in the browser I have a keyboard problem when opening the app, how do I solve this

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so, your problem is that keyboard covers your screen?

Yes keyboard covers my screen i can’t see what i wrote.

Try with wrap the wbviewer in vertical arrangements

I tried wbviewer in vertical arrangements but the same problem continues.

Uludagkampus (7).apk (5.0 MB)

What height have your WebView? :thinking:

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Make the webviewer fill parent, and the containing arrangement to automatic.


I have to share the link website
thank you for your help and answers

view-source:UludagKampus.Com GençLik Burada

This could be very rustic, but it can help you if everything fails:

This change the size fo the web_viewer to half of your screen when the keyboad is visible… and set the normal size when the keyboard is not visible

Good Luck


Thank you very much, the keyboard is working now, but can we get a little lower up there? is it possible Thank you so much even for that

I will make it easier for you. Use a space component at the bottom or below the Webview component. Adjust the height as it suits you.


This will cause the browser to move automatically at keyboard height.

You can make the space component active only when the keyboard is opened.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not abuse the “Keyboad Visibility Changed” block a lot, it may slow your application because it is an Update event.

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Just set your screen status bar to visible and it will adjust it self



omg! was that all? :sweat_smile:thank you very much thanks i learned a lot for your answers.

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