How do I put a video background

how do I put a video background, and thus be able to put multiple text boxes and a logo in this fund. and also how do I insert a background music after this done?

My idea would be to create a scrollable horizontal and insert the same clip from a movie and create three text boxes in different places and TB using a logo on this video. therefore I would have this horizontal scrollable 3 or more videos and trade only presentable texts.

the idea is to try to make an app like who is in PlayStore called Boosted, create videos for companies and brands.

What have you tried?

so far do not know progress at all, and was wondering if this possible with kodular and need some extension. I have 3 app in the Play Store: FazerBem, Commerce and Local Supermarket List

Next time please provide a link to the app. That saves time. So you want a video editor? That is not possible with Kodular.

the app would be this up

have you tried with custom notification ?

i think you can do this with custom notification

not yet started the project, I want to know before this and if possible. I would like baixassem the application up to better understand what I produce. as I said I already have three applications on the Play Store and more 3 without publishing. I own a small shop and this application would be very useful to me. as above. You could download to be able to understand?


I thought with the kodular I could do any type of application

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