How do i select only 3 tips from 4?

how do I know in the blocks which box is selected and which one is not!


Are you talking about the Choose Dialog blocks?

yes if the case you want to choose 3 types of drinks

I didn’t understand what you really want to do… Can you please explain briefly?

ok … if I want to choose 3 types of drinks from a menu of 54 types of drinks, how do I program the blocks to not save in FiBase the non-selected tips

or rather … how not to let choose more than three boxes

Make a list of selected items and store it on your database…

Tip: Use If … Then … Else If … block in spite of many If … Then … blocks.

I have already made this list…I do not want that I can choose more than three types of drinks

You have created a list of items you offer… Now, you have to create another list when someone select products from that list.

If (length (selecteditems)) > 3 {
Call Notifier.ShowMessage (“Please select up to 3 things!”)