How do I show a picture in the internal storage in the app?

i want to show a picture in my app (picture in internal storage)? how is this possible?

Do search in community there are to many topics about it.

You can use this extension:

This question is so basic that I guess you maybe
missed to read the documentation of kodular and learn the very basics. Also you really don’t need any extension for this. There are plenty of possibilities to show an Image with the built-in components

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i know these informations
i searched but i cant find any topic. I have also tried different arguments. Maybe instead of telling me to search, we should think the search part is working really well. Thank you for suggesting plugins.
I tried many times with different blocks but couldn’t. The problem can be solved if you show how you do it.

You didn’t explain it in the post.

The community has thousands of solutions.
So he said to research

Ready Blocks ?

You can pick an image from devices’ gallery with Image Picker component available in Kodular
You can go through its various methods, properties and events here :point_down:
Image Picker- Kodular docs

Once the image is picked, you can show the same with Image component available in User Interface category in designer section
More details on Image component :point_down:
Image - Kodular docs

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but, automatically? i know how to do user-selected and load.
idea is enough for me.

Can you explain what do you mean by “automatically”?

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when screen initialize, automatically loads the specific image . not by user-selected image or loads by user.

Do you already know the image name or path?
(In case you are first downloading that image to user’s device and then want to fetch the same automatically)


@Rogerio_Rios I already stated that the photo is in device storage (internal storage)

Yes, the path of the photo and file name is known.

Then in this case, first check if the file exist with the Exist method of @Taifun File or with File Tools extension from @vknow360

After this, if the image file exist, then you can show the same using the set Image. Picture method of image component by providing the image file path to it

You can do all this, under the screen initialise event(for example), so as you require, everything will be done automatically

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We are already at post #16 for such a simple question. So for the next time please read this first (in your case especially point 1 and 3):

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