How do I use Talkback or other accessibility features?

Hello! First of all, as a non-native english speaker, I apologize for any grammar, vocabulary or spelling mistakes.

I’m making a game in Kodular, and I would like to add some sort of accessibility feature, especially for those who are visually impaired.

For instance, I wanted to edit the text that’s read aloud in TalkBack, one of Android’s native accessibility features, so my game can become more comprehensible to people who use it. However, I could not find any such thing neither in the blocks section nor in the components section.

Does anybody know how I can do that? Any help, either related to TalkBack or to app accessibility in general, would be much appreciated.

Can you tell something about the game your are making?

I can’t give too much detail, as I am not sure my project manager would allow it. In short, it’s a game made for students, where they are presented with a map, and in that map, the user has to install power plants to fullfill a region’s electricity demands, while also trying to not spend too much money (there is a budget that restrains the user) and trying to use more green and sustainable forms of energy. I’m facing a particular problem with the buttons that the user needs to click to install the power plants, because when read aloud by TalkBack, it just says “Plus, button”, as the text on the button is a plus sign.

What would you like it to say?

I’d like it to say, for instance, “Install power plant, button”, but, from what I can see, the only way I’ve found to do that would be changing the button’s text property - but then it would make the interface look a bit messy. Do you have any ideas?

I don’t know if it works, but what if you try to use an image with a plus sign and you make the buttontextcolor transparant?

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That actually might work - I’m going to try it! If it works, I’ll come back and mark your answer as a solution. Thank you for your help.

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It did, in fact, work! Thank you very much. I will be discussing this with my project manager during our next meeting. Again, thank you very much for your help!


Glad i was able to help.


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