How i can add the list of url from my airtable to the search view list component

I want to add the list of my url of airtable to the list component of search view extension so that anyone can search in my app.But i am unable to do so.So please help me regarding this.

Using the for each loop you can add all the items in a list from airtable and after adding all to the list justput the “list name” in the Creat Serch List

Is it right @Peter


Can you tell me the full blocks which are required for adding a search option with search view extension from airtable?

Wait … Giiving you a aia file

Thank you so much bhai:blush::blush::blush:

Please send the aia file bhai.

Use this aia file and set your list Test(1).aia (340.7 KB)

This is the second example aia with the for each loop block Test(2).aia (121.6 KB)