How i make Screen Reload?

Click Button to Reload Screen? How

Thank you

Could you please share screenshot of block?

Please think before you type.

How can anyone give you the blocks when there could literally be anything inside a Screen1 Initialise block?

Whatever you have in your Screen1 Initialise block put it into a procedure called “ScreenReload” (or whatever you want to name it). Call the procedure when the button to reload the screen is clicked.

Close screen and open another screen (same screen)

It should

Variations of it


None of the variations working on Companion. Will try on apk and will let you know. Thank you. You are doing a wonderful job btw.

Cool It works! Happy to know this. And thank you again and again for taking time to guide people like me. Really you are doing a wonderful job @Boban. May GOD bless you.



what is your name of the screen you are trying to use @Boban’s example blocks?

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You would have to create the screen with that name.

that will require each screen to build blocks

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One min silence for those Legends :joy:


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Yeah, we are legend

You hid your face after saying very proudly that give me your file, i will make it, after 3 days, when i messaged you, you did not say anything.
If you did not want to do it, why proactively asked?Now making fun of me. Atleast i tried myself, does not matter if it is wrong, all people learn in this way only.

I don’t know about anyone else but you asked me for help.It was related to bookmark feature so I told you that how you can get title and subtitle from Colin tree list view.Everything fine , yeah.
Then you asked me this question:
You are not using tinyDB to store bookmark

I just want to ask one question.
Is it your app/project or mine?
Of course it is yours and you have to work on it.
I (or anyone) can only show path and you have to go on it by own.


Well, both of you are in the wrong here. First, it is not his obligation to help you.
Second, you should have a bit of patience. After a week, a simple task is still on my list and I can’t get to it since I am very busy with other projects.

Yes, you are right.

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