How much to charge for an app with online database mysql?

The app will have 6 to 7 screens.
The bank is already created.
I must study the structure and make the PHP scripts.
I must also make all layouts and all blocks.

I didn’t understand please explain

How much = quantity that can be counted.
Charge = amount of money that will be requested from the APP buyer.
App = Mobile Application
Mobile = smartphone, tablet
Value = number that specifies how much something is worth.
Screen (in programming environment) = place where the objects are arranged.
Database = location where data is stored permanently until deleted.
PHP = programming language for developing websites.
Layout = how to draw a canvas - colors, size, figures, fonts
Blocks = are sets of commands, methods, properties that perform some action, return or obtain some value.
Script: set of instructions for a function to be executed in a given application.
With all of the above, I ask:
I, the developer, would like to know from you, how much is charged on average in 1 app that will use 6 or 7 screens, which already has the relational database ready. I will have to create PHP scripts and KODULAR blocks.

Saying this in the beginning was easier. When you create your topic if you don’t say you’re a designer who wants to sell his app, no one understands what you’re asking.

People here write like we’re all mediums haha

Maybe these links will give you an idea of what you could charge:

Thank you for the search link.
But I disagree when you say that what I wrote was an “enigma”.I disagree.

The app will have 6 to 7 screens.
It means that the app will have 6 or 7 screens. Any questions ?

The bank is already created.
Explain that I won’t have to create the database. I mentioned in the topic that the app was with a database. Any questions ?

I must study the structure and make the PHP scripts.
In this statement I quote that I will have to study the bank’s structure and make the scripts. Any questions ?

I must also make all layouts and all blocks.
And here, I clearly explain that I will have to do all the layouts and blocks. Any questions ?

Resolved Topic.

I disagree with your arrogant way of responding as if we were all idiots.

If you had put this after the title

It was much clearer. But clearly you’re the smartest of all, and the rest of us are all idiots, apparently.

I’m glad you can use the links I gave you.

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I didn’t use it. Hugs and good quarantine. :+1:

You use them peacefully, it’ s free hehe
Good quarantine too.

Really so Funny calculation

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