How my kodular app handle permission for api level less than 23?

How my app handle permission for platform api level <23. ? why my app ask for permission access photo ,modia or files at the starting while my app is not going to do with those things.

Which components are you using?


sometimes your app store data a little to device, or write any setting etc to app, so it needs permission

If your app needs (dangerous) permissions, they would have to be requested at runtime since API > 22. As this is obviously not the case, but only queried (and granted) for API < 23 at install-time, something is going wrong. We need to see the relevant blocks and know which components and extensions are being used. We also need to know on which devices with which Android version the app (APK) was tested.

If a dangerous permission has been declared in the Manifest, it will also be requested for API < 23 devices at install-time, even if it is not needed (at runtime).