How pass variables and lists values among different screens in Kodular?

Dear all.
Any suggestion of how can I pass variable values among different screens in Kodular?

You can use -
in ScreenName enter the Screen Name you wish to Open.
in StartValue enter your Variable which you wish to use on the other Screen.

On the other Screen use -
to get the passed Variable.

Also TinyDB can be used.
Edit - But Don’t use. :grin:


Never use Tiny DB to pass the value to another screen as the data will be saved as the app data and increase the space taken by the app in the user device. :sweat_smile:

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Good Notable Point.

i Personally work on a Single Screen so never used TinyDB for this purpose,
But suggested him if he needs to share a number of variables and other stuff and if he finds it more easy or flexible.

He can clear the TinyDB after using it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit -

Actually, i know it :grin:, my sense of saying it was something else. i think i was not able to convey it.


Actually, you can share multiple data as a list in Start Value. :grimacing:

Also by using tinydb the screen take time to open

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Yeah, true.