How save a file from my application to my computer (server)


I need you…

I would like save and take files (pdf, svg, mp4, doc, xls,… ) from my application to my computer (server).
How can I do that please ?

Use FTP component and file picker component.
File picker will select the file and FTP transfers it

thank you for your reply !
how can i do that on kodular?

Use search option available before component Platte in creator

For FTP, you need software on your computer (XAMPP, etc…) You will need basic knowledge on operating a FTP server. To learn, search online

Yes this is needed if you want to get them directly on your computer but for that your computer must be online 24*7
That’s why it is recommended to use a hosting/server , you may get it free or paid as per your requirement

Ok ! thank’s very much. But, for example, if i want create svc. file from my app and save this in my computer, how i do ?

You can help me,
I did not understand what to write here

Well … I used this tutorial YouTube to program my computer into an FTP server, when I fill the idenfication boxes in kodular, it does not work. And I have the same question as 1114: What am I putting in the boxes, compared to the information I have in the computer?

There are many tutorials
I am attaching one ,try it:


I saw this tutorial, but I would like to save on my PC and not in hosting/server…

Here is the configuration I have on my PC compared to the tutorial I mentioned earlier:

To configure, I used Adress IPv4



Some notes:

  • In order to make your server accessible anywhere, you will need to open ports on your router (in this case port 21)
  • If you plan to make your server local-only, do not use your public address (the one when you search “my ip”)… Do ipconfig and find your local ipv4 address.
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Can i insert IP adress here ?

Yes you can

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Well… I configured my router as you advised me. when i try to access my server from my browser, it works fine!
but when I try with my application, it does not connect …
Yet I put my login, my password, my IP address and with the right port …

you need to know the username and password to your ftp. after that you can access the contents

I don’t no how, but it’s ok now ! thank u very much !!

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