¿How send specific ID notification OneSignal?

How can I do this function since I can only send notifications in general and not to a specific user.

I have searched the OneSignal blocks (Push Notifications) but none have the option.

I am not an expert yet, I consider myself a medium level, but I still need help, sorry for the inconvenience.

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when your user login, save his push notification use id to a data base and for sending notification get his id,

component_set_get (2)

for example, you set data base in airtable,

Name mobile User id
imran 0345xxx sdc343d

you have to get that user id to send specific notification,

Note: for every login you must have store user id, because on login it changes user id, if user delete app and install again then user id will be changed

Thanks for the answer I still don’t understand where I should enter the ID block, between these blocks.


For now I only use it that way.

you have to use this extension for that ,