How show more than 10 webviewer Screen

Please anyone give suggestions for use multiple webviewer screen
More than 10 screen
Or any other tricks for use 20 webviewer screen

If You Want To Use Different Web Viewer For Different Link or Anything You Can Use 100 Of Web Viewer In 1 Screen By Using Arrangement Yes

Create Vertical Scroll Arrangement And Name It And Set Web Viewer Inside And Make It Invisible And Create Other Ect…

When You Need to Show It Simply Make Arrangement To Visible And Keep All Other Arrangement To Invisible

How many different webpages do you like to show at the same time?


Good luck with that suggestion. .
Try it and let us know, how it works for you… This will be a great learning experience. .


But this way app take loading more time for open webpages or not
And app size may be Increase or not
Plz suggest

Use Viewpager Like this.

But we want to use when button one click open a webpage
Just same approximately 20 button
When click one by one button open a separate webpage
Plz share block n tips

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Your Blocks here.

Please anyone share webviewer back press block
How we write

What you are trying to do is bad programming. I would stop here and rethink what you want to do with your app. You will get in trouble along the way.