How to achieve this Complicated problem's solution?

Hi Koders,
I am back with another problem for you :sweat_smile:
I am stucked in a complicated issue. Pls take a look, if you can help…
I am making a task schedule app…
I want that user will set a specific timming for the task… **And at that time, his phone should make a sound… saying the current task to do…(Even if the phone is locked)…
Pls report me, if any extension, any other application on playstore, anything… can solve it…
thanks in adv… :slight_smile:

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Have you tried Background Task extension by @Xoma
And alarm extension by @Taifun

Thanks for you advice, but I think They can’t work… I mean @Taifun 's Alarm extension can set an alarm and play the default sound of alarm, but I want that at every time new task is assigned, It speaks that task audio file…

Like if task if start doing study
Then your application should say
“Start studying”

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Ya, exactly…

Ok I will check it out and tell you accordingly

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I just wanted to know that would not be it okay
App Inventor Extensions: Alarm | Pura Vida Apps(paid

Like this

But, As I already said :

OK okk I got it

What if you use background tasks extension and clock component together ?

I don’t think they will work when screen will be locked…

Hey @Technical_Zone

What Type of task app you want? Something Like To Do List. ( Google to do, Microsoft To do etc etc. )

Then, I want to say you that, Why not use the alarm extension and use sound component. You will be able to set sound by the “Play Sound” on the alarm execution. And use Background task extension to always run the app in background. Must set the Permission of "

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Thanks @Ariyan_AD, :slight_smile:,
But, will that work, even if the screen is locked (android 11).

Yes, By using this Permission you can do. But In Android 11, there we have fixed many security issue. So I have some doubts. The main thing depends on the Mobile OS. In case of Xiomi. They use MIUI and there MIUI Optimization doesn’t let any app to run in background more than 10hrs. In the Case of Alarm apps they can run 360days no problem. You can try using the Permission & check this…

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Thanks, but I am making my mind to go with an app available on playstore used to remap the things. i.e. I will set something like,

In Main app :

Set NextTask.timming To → hh:mm
When time = hh:mm → Send Push Notification…

AND to the app I downloaded from playstore…

IF → (
Then → (

And in :

When.Screen1.Initialise → (set.Sound1.To → get CurrentTask.from.Firebase.), →…

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But, @Ariyan_AD, here I have a problem ;
How to compare this :

When you just turn on MIUI autostart, your app will get the time of 15 - 20 minutes to run in the background only. You have to also disable MIUI optimization and set it to none.

If you do this, there are chances the app will not be accepted.

If you mean application auto open, there is a feature in the tasks 4.0 extension that will let you do that.

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Ya, I mean the same, But, will this extension work; even if the screen is locked.?

But, As per Google Play Policies, Google will check the app first and then will publish your app. You have to list all the things what you are trying to do Using BATTERY OPTIMIZATION PERMISSION. Yes, @Xoma there’s a 60% Chance of app rejection.

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If you mean sending notification at a particular time:

Then yes, it should probably work.

Tasks extension has a feature called “Exact” mode where the extension uses Alarm Manager API to schedule jobs. There, as the latency you can provide a Calender (Clock.instant I guess) to specify a time it will trigger.

Edit: If you want to open an app when the screen is locked, it may not work.