How to add asyncimageloader with my block?

how to use this extension with my blocks? Can you provide some example?

follow this way

But what is this? There is no for mat in it,no space no carview style or any thing…
How to do this?also text is not showing

You have to create layout by creating cards and you have to set property for each component by using Any Component blocks

Can you please show?

ok wait i have some examples may be it will be really difficult to understand…

this is of my app it show that how i can create everything dynamically.
just read the block in the image from starting and you’ll understand how to use it…

any component block display here at bottom of sidebar in blocks tab.

if this helps you mark it as solution… :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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i really didn’t understood can you please pvovide an aia with what you said i have to do… i have been trying very long to do this but couldn’t do it… it would be really helpful thank you

ok i’ll send aia asap.but not right now because i’m going to make guide post right now…

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till now what you have tried? send blocks

i tried the whole day and couldn’t make it work so in frustration deleted the whole thing

ok send layout you want?

you must have to ask us for where is error…

wallpaper_async.aia (12.3 KB)


wait i am trying it…

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hi @kishore,
i have created aia but you have to fill your detail of airtable.i forgot to create round corner for image…
wallpaper_async (1).aia (15.8 KB)

if this helps you mark it as solution…