How to add dynamic url on button click with airtable

hi i just wanaa when user click button then url open example . and this url will be dynamic .i try with airtable . i try this
in this blocks url not open but when i put value = then url open . Thats the problem i wanaa be dynamic url not permanent url. If anyone know then tell me and if any wrong in this blocks also then tell me also.

So you want the user to click a button and be redirected to the web page you’ve set on Airtable, right?

Right now what you’re doing is get the URL from Airtable ( then check if value = LINK
But the value is the URL. Which is never equal to the LINK. That’s why it doesn’t work.



then whats is the solution.

Before I tell you solution just tell me answer of a simple question.
Can an URL ( ) be equal to LINK ( String )?
And now here is your solution:
if value =
then --------

yes i told you when i set get value = then url open but my concern is after publish my app i wanaa change my url via airtable like dynamic

I am not understanding why you are comparing value.
You have set data uri to value then no need to use compare block.


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