How to add elements from Google sheets to spinner

I am very new to kodular
I am making an app whose data is in google sheet.

I want to get the unique elements in ‘Company’ from the column of sheet

Depending on ‘Company’ drop down ‘Category’ values to be updated which again in separate column from the same sheet

Depending upon the above two drop down 'Model values to be updated in the same manner.

When I select any model from the drop down then the below fields like MRP, DP, Selling… all the fields should get the values from assigned columns depending upon the model row.

For Company, Category & Model I used spinner, for rest of the field what to use label or text ?(Don’t know I am correct or not. Plz guide)

For reference image of the app is attached

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@Shailesh_Dhoot Can I help step by step? My trick is vere easy.
Reply Soon.
If this not works.

@Shailesh_Dhoot Please give me some time I am making a tutorial for you.

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That will be very helpful…

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Hi @Shailesh_Dhoot

This extension can get your job done in seconds, just save all elements in a column, get the value of column and set it to spinner1.elements, if needed send me a personal message, will be glad to help you.


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@Shailesh_Dhoot See this.