How to add new component at dynamic list?

More fast :rage::rage:

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very simple concept @Aditya_Nanda thats whyyyyy :wink:


The problem is that I didn’t opened the aia :rofl::rofl:and spelling of my name :rage::rage::rage::rage:

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No when reopen screen i just want 1 textbox only.
thank you this is exactly what i needed.
But then how about when you click add new, then the text on id 1 remains as before? can it be done without having to save it first on tinydb? because I want to save it after the number of lyrics added is in accordance with what the user wants

this is my logic.

  1. Initally there must be one box. so i set the from num as 1 (default) to number as 1(through global variable)

  2. if i press a button , i cleared all the created dynamic component and will add +1 with global variable. so now from number will be as 1 and to number will be global variable number +1.

  3. likewise procedure will go on…

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Is my suggestion solves your query?

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this is what i want. when I click add new I want the text in the textbox 1 to remain or not be deleted.

but i got the idea ,maybe to temporarily store it in global variable. thank you so much for helping me

oh, i didnt think such a concept. it is not a difficult one… If possible you try if not just let me know. it can be solved in matter of minute. Removed solution mark??

Oh thank you i have removed solution mark. Please if you can solved this with ur solution. Thank you

Try this

Presenter_lagu_1.aia (273.6 KB)


@Berkat-has , sorry for the delay… as i had a online class…
BTW, this is not a big issue. Still if you didnt get any idea, then use this…

Presenter_lagu2.aia (273.7 KB)

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hello thanks for helping me, :grinning:this is what I want. sorry long time to reply. both solutions work. how do I mark both as solutions?

how do I mark both as solutions?

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It is up to you

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I believe @Still-learning deserves the solution cause he helped from the start :slight_smile:


thank you gowri sankar for helping me, I’ve marked you as a solution :grinning:

thank you dora praz i really appreciate the help. and I also combined both solutions in my app :grinning:

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oh… please wait, After your post only i switched to dora mam aia… What a brilliant level!!!.. With minimum blocks. I was recalled the dynamic list from the beginning after hitting the button… but she created next to the existing one… That is amazing. you can switch @dora_paz suggestion as solution. deserves. Who ever can give solution but the fact is with minimum number of blocks is the matters. Now i got an idea with her blocks…



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right, dora’s solution reduces block usage. but I also got an idea from your solution. so I combined both solutions. ok i will switch mark the solution from dora as the solution according to your suggestion. Thank you gowri

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