How to add pre designed horizontal arragment in dynamic card view

Here are some blocks and the output

I want to put a pre-designed horizontal arrangement in the dynamic card view I have a list of dynamic card views and I want to put a horizontal arrangement in all card views I have tried but the result is in only the last card view the horizontal arrangement added. I hope you understand.

You cannot add native component in all the components created dynamically. In such case pls try with dynamic component extension where you can design any sort of structure as you like [F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2.

I use create in block but facing error

No i have advised you to create completely the design using dynamic components extension. Don’t mix up both dynamic components.

What is the basic design you are expecting??

Cardview, inside this cardview VA, in the VA two labels and HA in which a button?

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Means that using this extension i have to re-create my actual design in blocks and also both components cannot used in one method OK.


Dynamic component for schema